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MIIT: 41 mobile phone software on the "black list"   such as the installation of speed uninstall –IT– people.com.cn MIIT: 41 mobile phone software on the "black list" such as the installation of speed according to the sound of China uninstall "national network news" reported that the Ministry of industry and information technology recently announced the 2015 full year and the four quarter is notified of the situation of telecommunications services". The announcement pointed out that a total of 41 bad apps were detected in multiple applications markets. It is understood that the inspection found 20 applications store 41 mobile software problems, involving illegal collection of user personal information, malicious "suction fee", forced bundled to promote other unrelated applications. Telecom expert Xiang Ligang said that consumers had better go to the certified application market to download applications. And don’t go to some small markets, want to have some recommendations online, try not to go under it. In recent years, the Ministry of supervision to strengthen the software market, 2014 8 Yuegong ministry has exposed 44 software problems. Beginning in 2015, the Ministry of industry announced the quarterly network of bad applications detected list, since the first quarter of this year, accumulated a total of 238 detection of bad applications. Insiders pointed out that, as in shopping malls and markets in the real economy, the application market should be responsible for the application security, while users suffer losses due to downloading applications in the application market, they should also have the right to claim rights in the application market. Xiang Ligang said that if you downloaded the online mobile apps on the top, and the consumers were hurt by the interests, he had the right to go back to the application store’s responsibility. Reporter Wang Kai 工信部:41款手机软件上“黑榜” 如安装速卸载–IT–人民网 原标题:工信部:41款手机软件上“黑榜” 如安装速卸载   据中国之声《全国新闻联播》报道,工业和信息化部近日公布“2015年全年及第四季度电信服务有关情况通告”。通告指出,在多个应用市场共检测出41款不良应用。   据了解,此次检查中发现20家应用商店的41款手机软件有问题,涉及违规收集使用用户个人信息、恶意“吸费”、强行捆绑推广其他无关应用软件等。电信专家项立刚表示,消费者最好到经过认证的应用市场去下载应用。而不要去一些小的市场,想网上有一些推荐,尽量不要去下它。   近年来,工信部对软件市场的监管大力加强,2014年8月工信部曾曝光44款问题软件。从2015年开始,工信部按季度公布全网检测到的不良应用名单,自当年一季度至今,累积共检测出238款不良应用。   业内人士指出,与实体经济中的商场、市场一样,应用市场对应用安全应当负起责任,同时用户因在应用市场下载应用而遭遇损失,也应当有权利向应用市场主张权利。项立刚表示,如果确实在上面下载了上线的手机应用,消费者受到利益损害的话,他有权利去追溯那些应用商店的责任。记者王楷相关的主题文章:

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